We are proud to be recognised in the industry and to be shown recognition for our performance and success.


Past performance is not a guide to the future and these awards are not a guarantee of Ashmore’s future investment performance.

Current awards

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Historic awards
  • 2019: Refinitiv’s Lipper Fund Awards (US) over three years: Best Group (Fixed Income Small Company), Best Emerging Markets Fund, Best Emerging Markets Hard Currency Debt Fund, Best Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund (see Press Release)*

*About the Lipper Awards The 2019 Lipper Fund Award winners are selected based on the highest risk-adjusted performance among funds within a given category, excluding sales charges. Had sales charges been included, if any, performance would be lower. The calculation periods extend over 36, 60, and 120 months. The highest Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value within each eligible classification determines the fund classification winner over three, five or 10 years. A high Lipper rating does not necessarily imply that a fund had the best total performance or that the fund achieved positive results for that period. Lipper Inc. is a major independent mutual fund tracking organization. Other share classes may have different performance characteristics. Certain funds have fee waivers in effect. Without such waivers ratings could be lower. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Detailed awards methodology can be found at


  • 2019: Pensions Expert Pension and Investment Provider Awards for Emerging Market Debt Manager of the Year*

*Ashmore submitted an application to Pensions Expert which was required to include: performance, shown as one, three and five-year annualised returns, net of fees, to end-2018 and results since inception; innovation - entrants should state where they believe their products stands out, e.g. at  the idea generation or the trading/implementation stage; and service to clients.  A panel of judges are picked by the editorial team based on their expertise within the industry, reflecting a spread of companies and groups. There is a minimum of 10 judges including at least one from the editorial staff. Additional details can be found here.