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EM All Cap

EM portfolio of best in class companies employing a systematic process to target high alpha

Ashmore’s EM Equity strategy employs a disciplined and primarily bottom up driven approach. The strategy employs fundamental and quantitative tools to narrow the wider investable universe to identify a focus list of stocks that display truly sustainable competitive advantages. Top down analysis is a form of idea generation as well as risk control. In depth stock research generates a Stock Rating and investment recommendation which drives portfolio construction resulting in a high conviction portfolio of our best ideas.

Investment focus

  • Bottom up fundamentally driven long term investors
  • Targets high quality companies with sustainable growth drivers with attractive valuation
  • Index unconstrained and diversified risk profile

Systematic process

  • Multiple insights (Fundamental + Top Down + Quant) generate stock focus list
  • In depth stock analysis (Investment Thesis + ESG score) generates stock recommendation
  • Stock Rating captures risk return opportunity, exploits market volatility & guides position sizing

Unique Features

  • Differentiated growth profiles (Rapid + Mid + Cyclical) drive consistent alpha generation
  • Explicit integration of ESG as a key determinant of quality and sustainable growth
  • All Cap with SMID exposure a source of alpha