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At Ashmore, we want to keep you well informed and engaged on both on local and global macro events shaping our investments in Emerging Markets. By subscribing, you get notified as soon as we publish our content.

Below are the regular insights that we send out.


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Weekly Research

Weekly Research

A brief review of the macroeconomics and events that are impacting Emerging and Developed Markets. Every Monday, our investment team presents insight and analysis that goes beyond the headlines.

The Emerging View

The Emerging View

Each month, Ashmore’s Head of Research Gustavo Medeiros asks the challenging questions and explores the key issues from Ashmore’s perspective for Emerging Market investors to absorb and to assist with their asset allocation decisions.

Another title in this category are the "Market Commentary" papers. Ad-hoc insights and updates responding to current important topics, trends and impacts within Emerging Markets.

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Live at the Sub-ICs

Insight into areas of research focus at our Equity and Fixed Income Sub-Investment Committees (ICs) responsible for managing our strategies in Emerging and Frontier Markets.

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Subscribe and be notified when our next live webinar is taking place. During these live webinars we discuss the opportunities we see present in our EM themes where you have the opportunity to ask a question to the presenter.

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Investment Commentary

Our investment commentaries are a timely update on the latest developments across the main asset classes in Emerging Markets. These are insights by members of the portfolio management team reflecting recent discussions and areas of focus of the Ashmore Investment Committee (IC). 

  • Fixed Income - Blended Debt, Corporate Debt, External Debt, Local Currency (Monthly)
  • Equity - Global (Quarterly)