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EM Active

Top down driven stock portfolio targeting high alpha across market environments.

Ashmore’s EM Active Equity strategy employs a structured, systematic and proven investment approach. It is top down fundamentally driven with insights generated from multiple sources. This produces a live global, country, industry and currency perspective enabling dynamic investing. It also focuses the team’s analytical resources facilitating in-depth proprietary bottom up stock research. The outcome is a high conviction portfolio of stocks that reflect our top down views.

Investment focus

  • Top down prioritises stock research, shapes assumptions & drives allocation
  • Style agnostic & highly liquid
  • Pro active approach to mitigate risk & capture opportunity

Structured process

  • Top down drivers & triggers generate Top Down thesis
  • In depth stock analysis (Investment Thesis + ESG score) generate stock recommendation
  • Conviction, scenario analysis & rolling 12 month upside drive Portfolio Construction

Unique features

  • Beneficiary of Ashmore’s macro expertise & global wealth of dedicated resource
  • ‘All weather’ portfolio that can perform in up markets and protect in down markets
  • Low correlation of returns with peers