Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ashmore (Ashmore Group plc and its affiliated companies in and outside the UK) we recognise the importance of Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) incorporating transparency, fairness, accountability and integrity and believe that these principles are fundamental to the Group’s operations. Ashmore Group plc has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2006 and we see CSR as a continually evolving process.

Investing in Emerging Markets

At Ashmore we believe that our reputation as an ethical, trustworthy provider of investment services is essential to our core purpose of helping our clients to build their financial security. We seek to establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients and intermediaries. We believe this to be a fundamental pre-requisite for growth of our business.


Ashmore directly employs over 280 people in 11 countries worldwide, excluding employees in companies significantly controlled by funds that Ashmore manages. Our people have always been our most important asset, at the heart of everything we do. We have many talented people and it remains a priority for us to develop, manage and retain this talent in order to deliver our potential as an organisation. We want to be an employer who the most talented people aspire to join wherever we operate.

We seek to ensure that our workforce reflects, as far as practicable, the diversity of the many communities in which we are located. We also recognise the diverse needs of our employees in managing the responsibilities of their work and personal lives, and believe that achieving an effective balance in these areas is beneficial to both the Company and the individual.


As a company whose business is fundamentally based on intellectual capital and does not own its business premises, Ashmore has a limited direct impact on the environment. Nevertheless the Group continues to promote energy efficiency and the avoidance of waste throughout its operations and a number of initiatives, such as the recycling of paper, glass and other waste and the use of ‘green’ energy, are encouraged.

Ashmore CSR report