Ashmore's three phase strategy positions it at the heart of capital flows into, and between, Emerging Markets.

  Strategy Status
Phase 1 Establish Emerging Markets asset class Largely completed
Phase 2 Diversify developed world capital sources and themes Underway - significant growth available
Phase 3 Mobilise Emerging Markets capital Commenced - enormous future growth opportunties

The components of our strategy are to:

Phase 1

  • Establish Ashmore Emerging Markets investment processes
  • Enhance understanding of Emerging Markets in the developed world
  • Provide access to Emerging Markets and their rapid development opportunities
  • Develop strong performance track record
  • Increase developed world investor base

Phase 2

  • Establish new investment themes to diversify Emerging Markets product offerings
  • Develop new product structures and capabilities
  • Establish Ashmore as a trusted allocator
  • Broaden and deepen developed world investor base
  • Deliver strong performance consistently

Phase 3

  • Mobilise Emerging Markets capital managed offshore
  • Capital sourced initially from largest pools, i.e. central banks, governments, reserve mangers and sovereign wealth funds
  • Develop network of domestic asset management businesses
  • Manage domestic capital locally
  • Create strong local performance track record