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Equities investment process

The investment philosophy for Ashmore’s Equity strategies rests on four main pillars which underlay the investment case for Emerging Markets equities.

  • A disciplined investment style focused on fundamental value, with a long term horizon.
  • Top-down country valuation analysis helping to identify markets that are trading below their fair value and diversify portfolio risk.   Ashmore’s  proprietary, quantitative Equity model suggests country targets based on multiple market and stock factors, the analysis of which is based on fundamental value. We then enhance the model’s suggestions with the experienced judgment of our portfolio management team. 
  • Bottom-up stock selection based on fundamental value.  Our equities investment team conducts an in-depth fundamental analysis of each company in the portfolio that includes information obtained from company visits rigorous analysis of financials and industry prospects, earnings forecasts and screening of our proprietary company database. 
  • The search for information and insight to consider new ideas and perspectives, review details that others may have missed or dismissed, investigate competing evidence, and distinguish fact from opinion.

Please note that there is no guarantee that Funds managed under this theme/approach will achieve its objectives or that the strategy (risk management or otherwise) will be successful.