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President Macri's Christmas wish list

Weekly investor research

23 November 2015

The Christmas wish list of Argentina’s president-elect has just two items – growth and power. Here is why the political business cycle in Brazil may be turning. Two months of positive growth in Russia, but will sanctions go? South Africa’s Lesetja cements his hawkish credentials and is rewarded with a rally in the long end of the curve. India’s payrise for central government officials could mark the end of India’s recent fiscal retrenchment. PBOC takes China one step closer to full interest management of the economy. Nigeria insists on doing the wrong thing, Rwanda trades institutional integrity for short-term political stability, Panama records a dramatic rise in tourist arrivals and Ukraine secures a Caa3 rating with stable outlook for its new bonds from Moody’s. In the US, the Fed prepares to hike in December as base effect loom large.

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