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No signs of rising inflation in EM so far

Weekly investor research

15 February 2021

Inflation remains subdued in Emerging Markets (EM) despite rising inflation expectations in Developed Markets (DMs). In Ecuador the market-friendly presidential candidate from Guayaquil, Guillermo Lasso, will most likely face a run-off against Andrez Arauz on 7 April. The Brazilian congress approved the Central Bank Autonomy Law. Total social financing in China was stronger than expected. Goldilocks in India. The Colombian president unveiled a tax reform bill. Argentina’s inflation rate rose on a sequential basis in January. Mexico’s central bank cut the policy rate to 4.0%. Nigeria raised the debt ceiling and devalued the currency. Egypt issued USD 3.75bn in new bonds across three tranches, paying the lowest interest rates in five years. Uruguay kept the main policy rate unchanged at 4.5%.

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