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A more balanced outlook for Emerging Markets versus developed markets

Weekly investor research

15 June 2015

Developed markets (DM) benefitted from central bank buying and investors jumping on the bandwagon. No central banks bought Emerging Markets (EM). Asset prices in DM now look more vulnerable than EM asset prices that have priced in tightening since the Taper Tantrum of 2013. China’s activity data turns up at the margin as inflation turns down. Momentum in favour of reform appears strong in Brazil’s parliament. Peru’s discriminating voters live up to expectations as they continue to erode Humala’s approval ratings. There were no alliances between the candidates for president in Argentina and India’s ‘goldilocks’ moment continues. Global market sentiment will focus on Greece and this week’s FOMC meeting, where the Fed will likely signal whether it intends to hike in September or later. The full article is available on the link below.

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