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Brazilian politics comes alive

Weekly investor research

06 August 2018

Political parties are selecting their candidates in Brazil. PSDB’s Alckmin has secured the support of a centrist coalition of parties, which ensures he gets about 50% of TV time. With Alckmin rising in the polls, albeit from a low level, it is too early to write off a possible market friendly outcome in the election. In Venezuela, Maduro is attacked by drone as he relaxes FX policy. Turkey is sanctioned. Russia is sanctioned. Iran is sanctioned. China slows. Argentina and Ecuador lift administered prices. Mnangagwa faces internal power struggle after winning Zimbabwe presidency. South Africa eyes constitutional change over land. SBY aligns himself with Prabowo as Indonesia racks up strongest growth rate in nearly five years. Peace breaks out in South Sudan. The Global Backdrop sections discusses market price action this year and the likely path of the US-instigated trade war with China.

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