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Fraud warning

Please be alert to fraudsters claiming to represent the Ashmore Group, one of its subsidiaries or its officers or employees.

Financial fraud is a global issue.

Criminals have become adept at creating plausible identities to defraud prospective investors. This includes the use of similar sounding email addresses, websites and fake profiles on social networking sites.

Please be aware that Ashmore does not cold-call investors to make investment offers, nor does it send unsolicited emails or letters.

If you have received contact from an organisation purporting to be connected to Ashmore or implying that Ashmore is its agent in any way, please contact us using the link to the left.

The Financial Conduct Authority provides advice with respect to investment scams:

Current alerts

"Health Lottery UK" is not affiliated to the Ashmore Group.  We received reports in July and August 2016 that Ashmore Investment Limited was referenced in fraudulent letters informing recipients of a lottery win.

"Ashmore Wealth Funds" is not affiliated to the Ashmore Group.  Ashmore has worked with the relevant investigative authorities and has taken steps to stop the use of the Ashmore trade mark.

The Financial Conduct Authority has added a warning about Ashmore Wealth Funds to their website, which can be found at:

Ashmore Property Group” is not a part of the Ashmore Group plc group of companies.  We believe that persons representing Ashmore Property Group may be falsely offering investment opportunities and claiming to be a part of the Ashmore Group.  It is our understanding that these attempts may be fraudulent and you may lose your money if you deal with these people.  Ashmore has reported this matter to the Financial Conduct Authority.