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Head office

Ashmore Group plc
61 Aldwych London WC2B 4AE
United Kingdom
T: +44 20 3077 6000
F: +44 20 3077 6001

Registered in England and Wales, Number 3344281
Registered Office as above.

Ashmore Group plc investor relations contacts

Institutional Business Development

Netherlands and UK 

Kevin Bond
T: +44 20 3077 6130
kevin [dot] bond [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email Kevin Bond )

Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Nicky Merriman
T: +44 20 3077 6165
nicky [dot] merriman [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email Nicky Merriman )

Andrew Ellis
T: +44 20 3077 6263
andrew [dot] ellis [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email Andrew Ellis )

Middle East & Africa
Robert Hegt
T: +44 20 3077 6147
robert [dot] hegt [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email Robert Hegt )

Asia Pacific
Michael Winter
T: +65 6580 8299
michael [dot] winter [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email Michael Winter )

 George Grunebaum 
John Ricketts
Carolina Siles
T: +1 212 661 0061
george [dot] grunebaum [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email George Grunebaum)
john [dot] ricketts [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email John Ricketts)
carolina [dot] siles [at] ashmoregroup [dot] com (Email Carolina Siles)

Intermediary Business

Stewart McAndie
T: +44 20 3077 6303
Stewart [dot] McAndie [at] AshmoreGroup [dot] com (Email Stewart McAndie)

Ted Smith
T: +1 212 377 5584
Ted [dot] Smith [at] AshmoreGroup [dot] com (Email Ted Smith)

Contract notes, statements and dealing

For issues related to Ashmore's public funds, please contact the funds' administrator, Northern Trust. The appropriate contact details are available on each fund page as well as the Fund Updates.