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Ashmore Foundation

Class sponsored by the Ashmore Foundation through the Philippine Community Fund

Investing locally in Emerging Markets Communities

The Ashmore Foundation was established in January 2008 and seeks to make a positive and sustainable difference in the Emerging Markets communities in which Ashmore operates and invests. To achieve this goal, the Foundation aims to develop long-term relationships with high impact local non-government organisations (NGOs). Our financial support enables these organisations to directly enhance human welfare, opportunities and skills, particularly for the most vulnerable: children, young people and disadvantaged communities. As well as working directly with NGOs we work alongside other international funders to identify and support local solutions to social problems.

The Foundation is supported solely by Ashmore and its employees globally. Crucially, this support from employees extends beyond financial aid through to active engagement in fundraising and a network of support which includes mentoring and helping NGOs expand their network of contacts.

The Ashmore Foundation has donated over £2.5 million to charitable causes since inception in 2008.

For more information, please visit the Ashmore Foundation website.